Are you trying to pay on an account?

If you are trying to pay on an account, please contact us via our contact page.


If you are our British customers, you can easily make a repayment online by using our customer portal. Login or register now to get access.

When making repayments, we recommend that you do so by Direct Debit. When you first signed your loan agreement, you agreed to make monthly repayments by Direct Debit when they are due. Please note that if we do not receive your repayments, your account may fall into arrears.

If you don’t currently have a Direct Debit in place, you can pay directly to the Banks or Lenders Accounts with any nearest appointed Banks’ Cash Deposit Machines /CDMs’ by entering the respective Agreement Numbers.

When setting up a Direct Debit, you should allow 14 days until repayments can be made. Repayments by Direct Debit are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee. By ensuring that a Direct Debit is in place, you can help protect yourself against your account falling into arrears.

If you are unable to set up a Direct Debit or make the repayments, please call us on:

to discuss alternative repayment arrangements.

For more information and assistance on making repayment from overseas, please refer to our Akass Group’s Offices or send these documents and payments to us at our respective offices. Please contact us for any further assistance.

For Oversea CustomerS

If you currently live abroad, or are planning to move abroad soon, you should ensure that we have the right contact details for you, in order to enable us to stay in touch. If you are travelling and do not have a fixed address or telephone number, please provide us with a mailing address where mail can be redirected to you. Alternatively, please provide us with the contact details of an authorised third party who can handle your mail for you (such as a parent or spouse).

Please send these documents and information to any of the offices above.

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