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Who can I contact regarding a complaint I may have concerning my account, or service I have received from AKASS Group?


AKASS Group strives to provide only the very best service to our clients. If you have a complaint concerning your account or service you have received which could not be satisfactorily resolved by your local AKASS Group office, please contact us.

Who do I contact if I think I may be a victim of Identity Theft?


Akass Group strives to protect everyone’s personal information - past, present and future borrowers. If you think that an account may have been opened fraudulently, please contact Akass Group local office for assistance in filing a claim or contact us

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Can I access information about my Akass Group account online?


Not at this time. This functionality will be available soon.

Can I pay my loan payment without the coupon from my statement?


Yes, Akass Group has several ways to access your specific account without the coupon from your statement. Simply make sure you account number is on your check when making your payment.

How can I get a deferment on my loan?


You will need to contact the local office to discuss your specific situation.

How does interest get applied to my account?


This depends on what type of account you have. Akass Group has both pre-computed accounts and interest-bearing accounts. Please contact the Akass Group local office for further information about your specific account.

Why can’t I have a payment book?


As a courtesy to our customers, Akass Group sends out a monthly statement to show that your last payment was applied to your account and provide the current loan balance and payment amount due. The bottom of your monthly statement contains a payment coupon which can be removed and mailed back with your payment in the return envelope provided.

Can I get my due date changed?


There are certain situations in which your due date may be changed. Please contact the Akass Group local office where you received your loan to discuss your specific situation.

What form(s) of payment does AKASS Group accept?


Akass Group currently accepts cash, personal check, cashier’s check, money order or debit card payment. You may also contact any Akass Group's local office to set-up a one-time or recurring payment via Automated Clearing House (ACH) bank draft.

Can I make a partial prepayment on my loan?


Yes. If you pay an amount that is greater than the monthly amount due this additional amount may be applied to your account to reduce the outstanding balance that you owe

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