Making a Complaint

Akass Group supports a consumer focused and respectful approach when it comes to restructuring accounts and we carry out all communications and dealings with our consumers in the most ethical, professional, and respectful manner possible. These restructuring are held to the highest level of ethical and professional standards and are expected to act with integrity and treat our consumers with the utmost respect and fairness in all interactions.

Complaint or concern

Akass Group is committed to serving the needs of its customers in a highly ethical manner. This includes ensuring compliance with its internal policies and all applicable legal and regulatory requirements. If you have a complaint or concern you can report it to Akass Group by filling out the form below. You can choose to remain anonymous or provide contact information for follow-up purposes. As a more convenient option you may also call for assistance.

Company headquarters

If you feel that  Akass Group has treated you unfairly and you wish to voice your complaint or concern, please contact us at our Akass Group’s Speak Up Toll – Free Consumer Hotline

Making a Complaint

We will deal with your complaint in an efficient manner, in accordance with the Financial Conduct Authority’s procedures and guidelines. To enable us to deal with your complaint promptly, we request you contact us at.


Making a Complaint

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