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Our dedicated team is recognised as market leading in complex financial restructurings. The team also advise on restructurings in a variety of sectors, including leisure, insurance, financial services, energy, retail, shipping, healthcare and automotive. Customers are at the heart of everything we do.

We're committed to treating people fairly and complying with - and aiming to exceed - industry best practice.

This means that we manage your outstanding loans and will work with you to find a payment solution that's tailored to your own situation.

It's important for you to know that you're not alone.

We have millions customers, all of whom we are committed to working with, via our in-house servicer, to resolve their outstanding issues in a way that works for them. In return, we ask that you work with us with the same openness and honesty.

We always strive to provide our customers with the best service and to ensure all of our customers are treated fairly. We accept however that sometimes things go wrong which is why we have a robust complaint resolution process in place. We regularly report on the volumes of complaints received to the FCA.

Akass Group has a dedicated team of financial restructuring and rescheduling specialists. We have a unified team of Restructuring Specialist  across a number of departments who include amongst them are ex Top Bankers We deliver solutions at local, regional and national levels. Our depth of practice and expertise, coupled with our unique pricing structure and alternative funding arrangements, means our practice will deliver the quality of advice, all with unique views and commercial imperatives

Akass Group’s  financial restructuring team understands the challenges posed when resolving or acquiring assets of distressed structured finance transactions. Our specialists advise clients on the restructuring, disposition, acquisition and workout of distressed financial products of all types, including mortgage loans.

Our dedicated Banking Team attracts praise from clients and industry specialists alike for their can-do approach, in-depth expertise and breadth of experience.

Akass Group team is a fully-integrated practice providing transactional and regulatory advice to a broad range of clients including UK and non-UK banks and borrowers, other financial institutions and intermediaries, government agencies and corporates, acting on many complex transactions in the UK. We focus on providing clients with business sensitive solutions to complex problems.

We deal with a wide variety of banking and finance matters for both institutional and private lenders, as well as all sizes and types of borrowers, whether PLCs, SMEs and public sector bodies.

Our clients include major high street banks, building societies lending money, borrowers raising working capital or on the acquisition trail, property developers, venture capital funds and investors.

The understanding that comes from years of experience in the sector gives our team the confidence to deliver straightforward, commercially-focused advice, even in the most difficult situations.

However, we believe our core values of integrity and honesty are even more important. We know that our actions will reflect on your reputation as the original lender.

Our Financial Restructuring Team handle thousands of accounts with the emphasis on providing a friendly, personal but professional service through telephone contact.

The professional skill and integrity of our team is our most important asset. We are committed to employing and retaining personnel with the experience and technical expertise necessary to ensure we deliver the highest possible service to our clients. Many of our Financial Solution Experts are recognised as experts in their field by clients and the banking and financial directories, both in terms of practice area and industry sector.

Akass Group teams of specialists know the restructuring aspects inside out; they’re led by ex top bankers with impressive credentials and an aptitude for giving clear financial direction. We are the financial experts of choice for clients throughout England and Wales because they value our experience in the things that are relevant to them, whether in the context of local government, housing, health, waste, or energy and renewables. They see that we’re ahead of others in the solutions we design and implement. And that we do it all with the care and confidence that is the mark of a great restructuring and rescheduling team.

"With a wealth of knowledge and an array of financial solutions and options at our disposal, we can help you to renegotiate and restructure the repayment terms and conditions with longer tenor . We breath new life into the non – performing loans” - Alfred Williams Akass, Founder

Akass Group, Financial Restructuring Team is made up of friendly, professional people who want to bring about positive resolutions to financial difficulties.  Agreed repayment plans have additional benefits such as frozen interest and no applied charges.

We employs huge Team and we offer a truly personal service. Most of the team have excellent skills and are widely experienced in achieving positive resolutions to financial difficulties for your customers. All of the team are excellent communicators who display our core values of honesty and integrity.

Our Financial Restructuring Team handle thousands of accounts with the emphasis on providing a friendly, personal but professional service through telephone contact.

Our hugely experienced, Financial Restructuring Team focus on working with our customers to establish affordable repayment plans enabling the customer to repair their damaged credit history. Our team has assisted thousands of customers over the years. Our flexible approach ensures that there can be a successful and fair solution to all financial problems with the skills and knowledge to make sound financial decisions, so they’re better able to weather future financial storms.

Akass Group designs financial planning to enable young people to make better choices in their lives and prepares young adults for the financial impact of life events so they will be empowered to take control of their financial futures and to educate their children about the wise use of money, preparing them to make independent financial decisions.

Akass Group has assisted millions of consumers gain control of their financial obligations and gain back their financial independence and freedom. We help consumers resolve past- overdue obligations. By providing solutions and repayment plans and proposals , we assist consumers to resolve their past outstanding dues and defaults.

Akass Group is committed to treating each and every one of our consumers with respect and is committed to assisting consumers in structuring a positive resolution of any outstanding defaults that they have due. If you feel that any of our Financial Team Personnel has acted in an unprofessional or unethical manner, has failed to treat you with respect, has failed to clearly outline your options regarding your unpaid loans, or if anyone has breached the regulations defined in the above consumer protection acts, please Contact Us with your grievance or concern. We take all complaints very seriously and we are committed to prompt resolution to all reported concerns.

Akass Group adheres to the code of conduct put forth by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), United Kingdom.

Businesses and organisations both large and small simply cannot afford not to recover money from clients, contacts and others.

Going about this without alienating such business partners can be a tricky task, but our experienced team can help you plot the right course.

No matter what level of work or what stage we become involved, however, we deliver what we promise and don’t promise what we can’t deliver.

Each client is considered individually, examining the situation and their circumstances, in order to deliver a solution that is tailored to their needs.

Adopting this approach has enabled Akass Group to renegotiate millions of pounds worth of  defaulted and delinquent cases on behalf of our clients, dealing with tens of thousands of loan cases each year.

We focus on achieving the right outcome for both the lender and the borrower. Our team has extensive experience in contacting customers to help identify solutions to financial difficulties.
The team is made up of experienced ex banking team, who each has ownership of files. This ensures continuity of service for the lender and helps assist with delivering the best outcome for the borrower.

For those cases that are not straightforward, we'll identify and implement commercial solutions to deal with the issue. We have specialist expertise and a large team handling complex issues for lenders.

Responding to the current financial market conditions, there has been an increasing emphasis in the Finance practice on restructuring and workouts of all forms of debt, structured credit and securitised assets. The focus is on helping you actively plan ahead, to identify effective solutions, to take advantage of opportunities and stay on top of major risks.

For getting your delinquent, non-performing and defaulted loan activated, renegotiated, renewed and restructured , please get in touch with us.


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