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We firmly believe everyone deserves a fair, secure and fulfilling financial lifestyle and financial security. We guide you towards a clearer future. Our aim is to make your life easier in a complex financial world by providing comprehensive, but concise financial solutions and options.  Akass Group’s role is to help clients to achieve their financial freedom.

Create the life you want;

Anything is possible when you manage your money the right way. At Akass Group, our mission is simple: to guide and lead you towards a brighter future for you and eventually your family.

As a Financial Hardship Solution and Restructuring Options firm, Akass Group is in a unique position to help consumers. We help people recover from financial difficulty and turn toward a path of economic empowerment. We believe this can only be achieved through mutual engagement, understanding, collaboration and respect between our Group and consumers.

We have an unwavering commitment to operate with integrity and treat people fairly.We are also dedicated to better understanding financially distressed consumers and developing innovative ways to support their financial recovery.

Akass Group purchases portfolios of defaulted consumer receivables and manages them by partnering with individuals as they repay their obligations and work toward financial recovery. Defaulted receivables are consumers' unpaid financial commitments to Credit Originators, including partnering with individuals as they repay their defaults and work toward financial recovery.

Our Financial Restructuring Team is recognised for its work in financially distressed situations. This is because we provide expert advice and wide-ranging expertise to all affected parties and clients.

We're regularly appointed to provide support in mid- to large-scale distressed situations. And we're top ranked by the Industry players for our expertise in financial restructuring.

We also draw on specialist teams in-house to ensure you get the sector-specific advice you need. These teams include top people in the fields of Banking and Finance.

So, whether you're a director, a lender or a creditor, we'll help you through the formalities of financial distress.

If the worst does happen, we are experienced at rescue and restructuring to limit the damage caused by non – payments.

Akass Group  makes it simple to find the best value deals on credit cards, insurance, mortgage rates and more. We’ll help you save time, reduce your monthly payments and rest easy knowing you’ve made the best financial decisions for you.

We have assisted many consumers gain control of their past financial dues and obligations. We help consumers resolve past financial defaults by providing intelligent financial hardship advice, solutions , repayment plans and proposals.

As such, whatever the nature of the problem, our Restructuring Team have the expertise to deal with it.

We provide a full range of restructuring services, in both UK domestic and Malaysian market. We have a long tradition of successful involvement for our clients in corporate restructuring, acting for banks and other lenders, corporate debtors, company directors, turnaround investors and managers, corporate purchasers, as well as creditors and other stakeholders. We advise on all the issues associated with restructuring , through to renegotiate repayments.

• We bring together and integrate a team of talented and energetic Financial Experts.

• Our advice encompasses all types of formal financial solutions including renegotiate and we work on a regular basis with repayments.

• Our experience includes advising on financial reorganisations;   bank driven rescheduling; and scheme arrangements. We also have particular expertise in advising on the sale of distressed assets.

• Our team is recognised not just in restructurings but in we breath new life into the non – performing loans.


Financial Restructuring Options Programme

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