Why Have I
Been contacted?

If you have received a call or letter or text message or voice message from Akass Group please do not ignore it. We are here to help you.We have contacted you because you have an outstanding past over-due with a lender. This past obligation has now been assigned to Akass Group. Banks and Finance Companies will assign their long outstanding issues on for a variety of reasons. This is a legal process as stated in the Credit Agreement or Contract you signed.

If you’re not happy with the amount of calls or the way our Team Members’ is speaking to you, kindly contact us.

Get in touch with us for free on our Toll Free Consumer HotLine to work out what you can realistically afford.

Banks or Lenders are likely to pursue further or initiate alternative actions if you ignore us or if you keep silent on the pertaining default.

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We are not solicitors, a firm of solicitors, nor do we purport to be a firm of solicitors.