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Akass Group UK Ltd is one of the world’s most Top-Notch International Conflict, Dispute and Crisis Settlement Negotiation Expert firm headquartered in London, England.

Akass London is the most Prestigious British Consulting firm in England and Wales, renowned for its Award-Winning Expertise in Out of Court Settlement of Cases without LEGAL BATTLES.

Akass London is the most Trusted Conflict, Dispute and Crisis Settlement Negotiation firm in the world and Akass London’s sole objective is to act as a Private and Reliable Settlement Negotiation Advisor, Consultant and Expert to both Domestic and International Clients in Complex and High Profile Cases AS AN ALTERNATIVE to Lawsuit, Litigation, Court Trials and Prosecution Action throughout the world.

Akass London Experts’ have handled some of the world’s most high-profile clients and cases of complexity with Award-Winning Results.

Akass London is recognized for training up the finest Settlement Negotiation Experts in the UK and our team comprises some of UK’s leading specialists. We offer an extremely private, elite and high-powered team of World Class British Experts with an unrivalled track record in conducting major Settlement Negotiation around the world.

Akass London is equipped with extremely agile, aggressive, innovative, trusted, confidential, discreet and reputable British Trained World-Class Negotiation Experts in United Kingdom, who are focused on giving Unsettled Conflict, Dispute and Crisis Matters - the best expert advice with intention of negotiating and settling with Compromised Terms.

Our Settlement Negotiation Experts in London and Kuala Lumpur does not only involve an individual, but is represented by a group of highly trained, focused, strong willed and skilled individuals. We are very professional, personal and talented with a wide spectrum of experience.

Akass London specialises in Advisory, Consultancy and Settlement Negotiation Expert services for International Conflict, Dispute and Crisis matters with COMPROMISED SETTLEMENTS in England, Malaysia and other parts of the world.

Akass London’s Settlement Negotiation Expert services are engaged by Ultra High Net Worth Individuals , High Net Worth Individuals, Celebrities, VIP’s, International Firms, Board of Directors, Chairpersons, CEOs, CFO’s, Corporate Firms, Business Owners, Legal Firms, Trial Attorneys, Plaintiffs , Defendants and Professionals.

We offer services to all Governments Agencies, Authorities, Regulatory Bodies, Public Sector Organisations and across a broad industries, including Banking and Financial Institutions, Energy, Construction, Oil and Gas, Trade, Transport, Finance and Technology in the United Kingdom, Malaysia and other parts of the world.

Akass London facilitates Negotiation for a Settlement Conference between opposing sides of a Lawsuit at which the parties attempt to reach a Mutually Agreeable Resolution to their dispute without having to proceed for a Court Trial. Akass London initiates such Conferences through the conveyance of an Offer of Amicable Settlement to the Parties Concerned.

Akass London’s task is to apply Judgement on how best to avoid Litigation and find a Perfect Solution for the disputing parties . There are no prizes for taking a case to Court.

We are here to level the playing field, through our Diplomatic Settlement Negotiation approaches to protect your Rights and Interests and help you obtain the Finest Compensation You Deserve.

Akass London’s evidence of Superior Appearance, Representation and Success in negotiating various types of settlement cases has earned us numerous Professional Honors and Recognitions, as well as exceptional testimonials from our clients.

We defend and protect the world’s preeminent Corporations, Businesses, Investors, Celebrities and Ultra High Net Worth Private Individuals through Negotiated Compromised Out-of-Court Settlements between parties that effectively halts the Lawsuit and any other future Litigation.

It’s basically a COMPROMISE, which is why it’s sometimes called a COMPROMISED SETTLEMENT.



Akass London is an Expert in Negotiating Out-of-Court Settlement and to facilitate the disputing parties derive to a Mutual Agreement of any claim without having a Judge delivering his decision pertaining the said case. Out-of-Court Settlement allows the disputing parties to come to an Amicable Agreement and Settlement.

In return, the Lawsuit intiated by the Claiming Party Is Finally Withdrawn and Closed.

Akass London’s specialization generally involves one party agreeing to the other party’s demands, with no further Legal Action on their claim. At times, Settlement occurs early in a case – just before the Legal Proceeding by the claiming party is heard in the Courts.

Akass London’s Negotiation is a process by which Compromise or Agreement is reached while avoiding argument and dispute. Every disputing party in any disagreement, understandably aim to achieve the best possible outcome for their position or perhaps an organization they represent.

Akass London’s Negotiation is a flexible means of Peaceful Settlement of Disputes in several respects. Akass London’s Negotiation methods can be applied to all kinds of disputes, whether Political, International, Governmental, Organisational, Commercial, Industrial, Businesses or Personal.

Being connected to more than 50 International Partner Offices Globally in the World’s Most Top Cities, we have more than 1,000 Partners and other support staff who operates from Europe, the United States, Canada, Latin America, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and Africa.

Above all, Akass London’s Work Culture, and what we stand for is driven by our business principles in accordance with our global business values of Profesionalism and Integrity.

Akass London has INCREDIBLE INTERNATIONAL REACH AND CONNECTIONS and our Experts draw on the cultural understanding, wealth of local knowledge and language skills of fellow members, combining resources and expertise to achieve the best possible results for our clients in any challenging cases globally.

Akass London aims to deliver the highest standards of Settlement Negotiation services to our clients across our global business in each of our Partner Offices and to maintain that level of quality at every point of contact.

Akass London specialises in negotiation ranging from Personal Negotiation to Settling Conflicts, Disputes and Crisis Cases for Government Bodies, Corporate Entities, Business Owners , Celebrities and Private Individuals anywhere around the world.

With the assistance of a Akass Settlement Negotiation Experts, you can reach an Agreement that is custom-made for your future and we do a perfect COMPROMISED SETTLEMENT for you and we will save all the unwanted emotional turmoil for you on your own terms.

Many Clients prefer Akass Settlement Negotiation Specialists rather than a Litigated Option in the Court because they find it is more beneficial and attractive for them.

Akass Group UK Ltd, London is affiliated with Akass & Associates Sdn Bhd, in Malaysia. Through our affiliated regional firm based in Kuala Lumpur, we offer our Conflict, Dispute and Crisis Settlement Negotiation Expert services coverage for all countries in the Asian Continent.

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