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Akass & Associates Sdn Bhd is affiliated with Akass Group UK Ltd, one of the world’s most Top-Notch International Conflict, Dispute and Crisis Settlement Negotiation Expert firm headquartered in London, England.

Akass & Associates Sdn Bhd is the most Prestigious International Conflict, Dispute and Crisis Settlement Negotiation Expert firm based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is the regional office for all the countries in the Asian Continent.

Akass Malaysia is a Prominent Expert firm for Out of Court Settlement of Cases Without LEGAL BATTLES.

Akass Malaysia’s sole objective is to act as a Trusted Settlement Negotiation Advisor, Consultant and Expert to both Domestic and International Clients in Complex and High Profile Cases AS AN ALTERNATIVE to Lawsuit, Litigation, Court Trials and Prosecution Action throughout the Asian Continent.

Akass Malaysia Experts’ have handled some of the most high-profile clients and cases of complexity with Award-Winning Results.

Akass Malaysia is a renowned firm with International Recognition, specialises in Advisory, Consultancy and Settlement Negotiation Expert services for Conflict, Dispute and Crisis cases with COMPROMISED SETTLEMENT TERMS in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and other countries in the Asian Continent.

Akass Malaysia’s Experts lead the Negotiation onbehalf of our clients to negotiate an Agreement to resolve a Dispute Out of Court.

Our Settlement Negotiation results in the parties entering into a Legally Binding Contract with the Terms of Agreed Settlement. The parties agree NOT TO CONTINUE WITH THE LEGAL PROCEEDINGS, AND INSTEAD, THE SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT BINDS THEM.

Akass Malaysia is well equipped with extremely trusted, confidential, discreet and reputable British Trained Negotiation Experts, who are focused on giving Ultra High Net Worth Individuals , High Net Worth Individuals, Celebrities, VIP’s, Corporate Firms and Business Owners Unsettled Conflict, Dispute and Crisis - the perfect expert solutions with the intention of negotiating and settling conflict matters Out of Court.

Akass Malaysia’s Settlement Negotiation Experts are agile, aggressive, highly powered in its thinking, innovative in its approach to delivering results by handling mostly all Unresolved Conflict, Dispute and Crisis Cases Out of Court.

At Akass Malaysia, we assemble teams of Bright Thinkers to match our Clients' needs and providing the right advice from the Right Person at the Right Time. Dedicating the highest calibre of Conflict talent to overcome the most complex issues, we deliver pragmatic, Expert Advice and Solution that is set squarely in the real world.

Akass Malaysia’s Settlement Negotiation Experts provide Clients the option to plan their future rationally, and in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect. Akass Malaysia’s best negotiation strategies are a pre-determined approach or prepared Plan of Action to achieve a specific aim to potentially find and make an Agreement or Contract in a Negotiation with another party or parties.

Akass Malaysia’s Settlement Negotiation Experts work with a range of private and public sector organisations from Domestic and International Corporates managing and resolving businesses and their owners on the issues that affect their corporate or personal affairs.

What sets Akass Malaysia apart, is our understanding of their business goals and challenges, our human touch and our in-depth knowledge of the markets and industries in which our clients operate.

It is this experience combined with our expertise that helps us work collaboratively, as an extension of their team, to provide commercially focused solutions to complex conflict, dispute and crisis issues.

With the assistance of Akass Malaysia’s Settlement Experts, you can reach an Agreement that is custom-made for you and your future.

Akass Malaysia’s Settlement Negotiations are geared towards helping Clients reach an Agreement in the midst of division and discord and seriously promotes a focus from both disputing parties to reach an Agreement and ultimately reducing friction between those involved.

We’ll always find the answer to your questions and we guarantee we’ve got the expertise you need, no matter the nature of your business.

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We are not solicitors, a firm of solicitors, nor do we purport to be a firm of solicitors.