Our award-winning Akass Group UK Ltd’s, Asset Acquisition Experts advises on and co-ordinates acquisitions in the United Kingdom.

Our Asset Acquisition Experts in London, United Kingdom  is not just one person, it's a really strong team – they are very professional, very personal and with good transactional experience.

Taking your strategic aims as our starting point, we'll provide commercial acumen, pragmatic advice and technical excellence when you're involved in a disposal.

Akass Group UK Ltd  and  Akass & Associates Sdn Bhd, are experts in acquiring the distressed businesses throughout the life cycle of the transaction. In the early stages, we issue letters of intent, perform due diligence, negotiate fees and obtain bidding and successor liability protections. We continue guiding the client every step of the way, including during the final stages when we apply  for approval of documentation and closing purchase and sale transactions.

Our substantial Team of  Asset Acquisition Experts have in-depth expertise and long experience in all kinds of asset acquisitions.

The range of sectors in which we have carried out acquisitions is equally wide and takes in everything from manufacturing, business services and IT to telecoms, printing, media, recruitment and motor dealerships and everything in between. The size of our Team provides a very wide range of experience in different industries which we can utilise for your benefit wherever you are based.

With the increase in cross-border transactions  Akass Group UK Ltd London have undertaken many acquisitions in the United Kingdom.

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